Wonderslate- Next Gen Learning Platform

An educational deliverance, digital publishing, learning management and, a test preparation platform which allows the community of students, teachers, and publishers to learn, publish and share educational content the smart way, from anywhere, at any time.

Educational content is the core of any education system, which connects the 3 main stakeholders i.e. Students, Teachers/Institutes, and Publishers. Them not talking to each other gave birth to the idea of Wonderslate where a technology-enabled deliverance system will connect all these verticals and improve the publishing, teaching, learning experience.

To build a revolutionary ecosystem where all the stakeholders in an educational system can come together and create a cohesive learning experience.

Over the past year, I designed the core Wonderslate EDOS plus initiated a path-breaking product via building and managing a team of developers, marketers, and content managers that create scalable solutions to make a dent in the ed-tech space.

Worked closely with company leaders/stakeholders in redefining the product, help the business scale and, bring clarity and order to already defined processes.

Owned several client projects which were the driver of the company’s stable revenue stream.

I led the implementation of core functionalities such as Test Generator, WS eBook, Smart Revision, and LMS across platforms.


The target of making WS eBook a wholesome solution for Learning, Revising, Referring, and Practicing was very challenging which led to the idea of Study Sets.

Study Set Exploration
Study Set Flow

Study Sets allowed the students to export their highlights to create key term and definitions with very little effort. Once created Study Sets will also point the students to reference material across web depending on their performance.

After a lot of research and spending a lot of time with students and teachers from multiple institutes, the primary problem I found was that all the existing LMS were made for the western education system, none of them catered to Indian education system which still relies too much on predefined curriculum and marking system.

Early Research and Explorations

One point which stood out of the whole research and feedback was to give the teachers templates to generate mock questions papers from a pre-existing question bank according to the importance/weightage of a chapter/concept.  

Excerpt from the LMS

To enable publishers with a stack of tools with which they can publish, monitor, market, and sell their digital educational content in the form of WS eBooks, a complete CMS was designed.


WS being too wide and deep in terms of user touch points and presence need of a component library seemed obvious to have a collaborative process among the product team.

All the components were designed keeping in mind of them to be used across platforms and themes.


Wonderslate’s ecosystem consists of apps across web and mobile.





Published on July 5, 2018